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Chamber Music

–Concerto for Piccolo Clarinet  score and parts $40
–Super String Quartet  score and parts $20
–Figures on a Hill score and parts $15
–Five Pieces for Guitar  $10
–Other Echoes Inhabit the Garden  score and parts $30
–At The Edge of the Body’s Night
for piano and digital acoustics   score and performance .wav file $20
–At The Edge of the Body’s Night
for guitar and soprano    $15
–Sleep & The Room  score and performance .wav file  $20
–Mea Maxima Culpa for solo cello and digital acoustics  $20
–Nightmantra  score and performance .wav file $15
–Where There Is No Autumn  score, parts and and performance .wav file $20
Choral Music
Available with the purchase of a printing license $1 for each score you will print for performance.  Please enter the number of score that you will print in the quantity box in the paypal order form.
–I Praise  $1 per  copy
–Three Potawatomi Songs   Score of all three songs:  $7
–Now We All Move $1 per copy
–Now I Raise My Hand  $1 per copy
–We All Sing  $1 per copy
–<a name=”exsultate”>Exsultate PDF  $1 per copy</a>
Big Band
–Run with the Tiger  score and parts $40
–Blue Devils    score and parts $40
–Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra score $20
–piano reduction  $15
please email to rent parts for performance:


–Sinfonia dei Gioie score $20
–parts rental per performance $400
please email for more information on parts rental:
–Limites  score $20
please email to rent parts for performance:
Vocal Music
==Out of Danger  $10
–O You Whom I Often and Silently Come  $7
–The Waters Are Shaking the Moon  $20
–Oratoria score $20
please email to rent parts for performance:
==Where There Is No Autumn $3
The Waters Are Shaking the Moon
==The Hostile Sun $1
==Shades $1
==A White Blossom $1
==There is Rain in Me $1
==Baby Songs Ten Months Old $1
==Mystery $1
==The Hostile Sun $1
==Tease $1
==Twilight $1
==The Hostile Sun $1
==Piano $1
==To A Certain Lady $1
This Music
==St. Petersburg $1
==Hostile Sun $1
==Eric’s Sound $1
==Rain in Me $1
==Dance $1
==At the Edge $1
==27 Birds $1
==The Waters Are Shaking the Moon $12
==This Music $12
–Other Echoes Inhabit the Garden  DVD of premiere  $25