Canis Lupus

Canis Lupus:  Lamentation is a short movement lamenting the loss of wolves that have been reintroduced in the wild over the last 20 years.

This composition was created incorporating the recorded howling, choruses, yelping and growling of wolves.  There are no electronically generated sounds involved in my work – just edited recordings from wolves in the wild. I used an advanced sound-editing program to alter the resonance and dynamics of the sounds.

The instruments that I have chosen to perform today are; the multi-chambered Aztec whistle, the Aztec death whistle, and an overtone flute that I had made specifically for me by a Serbian craftsman. In performing with these chosen instruments, I am illuminating the spiritual element associated with the Native American’s great respect for wolves emphasizing the mystic bond that humans share with this magnificent creature.

It is my intention to create diverse compositions for various settings employing digital wolf sounds with instruments.  For example, I am proposing to compose for the digital sounds and string quartet or solo piano in a concert setting.  Other pieces will involve a multi-media performance with video. Additionally, I would like to be involved in the study of wolves responding to my soundscapes and would even like to pursue the possibility of performing with live wolves howling.

Other digital soundscapes:

Lyrical Chorus

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