Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra

Composed in collaboration with clarinetist Dr. Corey Mackey, this three-movement concerto presents three distinct musical impressions led by the lyrically virtuosic clarinet solo. Each movement progressively gains a broader perspective of time and space, from the minute movements of the hummingbird, broadening to the majesty of mountains and ending with a vast impression of traveling through the universe at the speed of light. Movement one, Trochilidae-Allegro, celebrates the brilliant animation of the hummingbird. Emily Dickenson called it “a resonance of emerald, a rush of cochineal”. The clarinet solo imitates its mercurial flight darting and hovering in and around the orchestra. The second movement, Spiritual Adaptation to Higher Altitudes-Adagio, is based on an earlier chamber composition that I composed for clarinet and vibraphone illustrating the slow and dramatic ascent of the clarinet through a broad and majestic orchestral soundscape culminating with an ecstatic summit vista. The third movement, Scherzo at the Speed of Light-Vivace, is a sonic impression of sound and light moving effortlessly through space.

I. Trochilidae-Allegro
II. Spiritual Adaptation to Higher Altitudes-Adagio
III. Scherzo at the Speed of Light-Vivace

Duration: 18 minutes.

View the score and listen to a Midi Audio of the score.

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Flute 1,2


English Horn

Clarinet in Bb

Bass Clarinet in Bb


Contra Bassoon

4 Horns in F

Trumpet 1, 2 in Bb

Trombone 1, 2

Bass Trombone


Percussion: Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Cymbals, Tam-Tam, Triangle, 4 Tom-Toms, Tamborine, Chines


Solo Clarinet
Violins I (at least 8 desks)
Violins II (at least 6 desks)
Viola I (at least) 4 desks)
Violoncello (at least 4 desks)
Double Bass (at least 4 players)

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