Out of Darkness into Light

Text – by Malgosia Sawczuk

Mother, Mother, can you hear me when at lonely nights I touch an unending silence of emptiness?

My thoughts like rough waves embrace you. Mother, can you see my suffering? Mother, can you see my suffering, suffering older than the first sin

when my dreams darken over me?

My thoughts, violent in their hunger, yet, trembling in anticipation of your first look.

Mother, Mother, don’t cry for me. Protect me in my blackness of complete despair.

My thoughts like rough waves embrace you, my thoughts violent in their hunger, my thoughts swollen with desire, desire, desire, desire.

When love suppresses dreams and raffles blood. When love raffles blood…(repeat 11x)

Ev’ry moment of silence is death to the one who loves.

Mother, Mother, Mother, Mother, give me the quiet music of your love, the quiet music of your love, of your love.

Give me a patient mouth. Childish astonishment of your being, of your being. Ah…

I fall asleep. I wake up. I pass the time. I pass the silence. Your light fills the space of a broken world. The world is filled with your light.

Mother, open up your eyes. I AM ALIVE. I am alive, I am alive. You are alive. I feel your presence in the darkness. I hear your voice. I HEAR YOUR VOICE. Ah…

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