Trio for piano, violin and ‘cello “Notte dei Cristalli” (2012)

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Hear an audio of the premiere:

Premiere Performance

June 18th, 2015

Teatro alla Specola

Padova, Italy

Trio Malipiero

Giacomo Dalla Libera (pianoforte)
Tommaso Luison (violino)
Giancarlo Trimboli (violoncello)

Notte dei  Cristalli (Night of Broken Glass) for piano trio is a tribute to the children who are often the innocent victims of the tragic and violent actions of men. Although I have referenced the Kristallnacht attacks against Jews throughout Nazi Germany and parts of Austria on 9–10 November 1938, I am, in my musical expression, alluding to all senseless demonstrations of violence that often reach catastrophic proportions as they shatter the lives of children. In this seven minute episodic piece I juxtapose the intensely orchestrated sonorities with two Jewish traditional lullabies*. The themes, only briefly heard as lyric contrasts to the more aggressive music, interweave and develop their own narrative, gaining an increasing emotional weight as the episodes unfold. In addition, their are two “enigma” themes that I use to drive the transformation of the music to its emotional climax.   Some 21,000 children die every day around the world. (UNICEF).   Now that is an unfathomable daily tragedy.   A significant number of these deaths are the result of war and the incessant violence that comes out of conflict. Giacomo Dalla Libera, the pianist of Trio Malipiero,  invited me to compose a piece that spoke to the violence to children during the Holocast (which one!).    Taking on this heartbreaking journey involved the researching of  Hebrew lullabies.   I was so enchanted with some of these that I incorporated various motives in the fabric of my music, along side motives of some of Adolf Hitler’s favourite Wehrmarcht marches.  So began the first movement of the piece.  A second and third movements followed.    The second switches between angst and euphoria like a dog chasing its tail.  The third movement is a musical world of whispers and promises that children retreat to when their world is out of control.  All three movements then are disguised as a piano trio shrouded in a style of music that is so engaging that the audience has little choice but to sit still and  listen for 21 minutes.   I like to think that I am working with the basic elements of emotional intelligence here with a piece like this and possibly reworking the DNA of my audience through my vibrations.    I often feel more peaceful and calm after a premiere like this because I have invited the audience to become part of an awareness that makes us more human.

*Erev shel shoshanim, Nani, Nani

Duration: ca. 6 mins 30 secs.

Notte dei Cristalli, trio per pianoforte, è un tributo ai bambini che sono spesso le vittime innocenti degli atti tragici e violenti degli uomini. Nonostante abbia fatto riferimento agli attacchi della Kristallnacht contro gli ebrei della Germania nazista e dell’Austria tra in 9 e il 10 novembre del 1938, in questa mia composizione, mi riferisco a tutte le manifestazioni insensate di violenza che spesso raggiungono proporzioni catastrofiche e distruggono le vite dei bambini.

Nei sette minuti di questo pezzo, suddiviso in episodi, ho contrapposto sonorità intensamente orchestrate a due tradizionali ninnananne ebraiche*. I temi, uditi solo brevemente come contrasti lirici alla musica più aggressiva, si intrecciano, sviluppano una propria narrativa e si arricchiscono di forti emozioni con lo svolgersi via via degli episodi. Inoltre, ci sono due temi “enigma” che dirigono la trasformazione della musica fino all’apice delle emozioni e rivelano il ruolo che la musica spesso assume all’interno del conflitto drammatico umano.

Trio Excerpt

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