The Waters are Shaking the Moon 

for mezzo soprano and piano

Commissioned by the Katherine A. Abelson  Fund of the Lester Abelson Foundation

Twelve songs  on poems by D.H. Lawrence

Lawrence, the celebrated poet who shocked the literary establishment of the 20 ‘s with his controversial novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover has written on the subject of love and relationships in much of his poetry and prose. I have been attracted to his ability to evoke the mysteries of love, unlocking some of the forbidden doors in the process.  In The Waters are Shaking the Moon, I have selected poems that explore not only the relationship between lovers, but relationships that Lawrence visited many times in his work:   mother and son, father and son, man and nature, adult and child, man and mortality.  WN

Premiered on WFMT Radio, Chicago 1996..

Barbara Ann Martin, mezzo-soprano

David Schrader, piano.

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