I Praise




for a cappella SATB choir

The work for a cappella choir, with a text from the American poet Mark Strand’s From a Litany,  is dedicated to the composer’s son who is currently serving in the U.S. Marines. “His deployment in Iraq, now for the third time, has brought the most important things in my life clearly into focus. I am inspired by the remarkable resolve of the human spirit to renew itself in the magnificence of nature.  The poetry of Mark Strand has a way of clearing away the cobwebs and letting the light of  simple beauty shine in.  In the poem From a Litany, Strand offers humble praise of the natural world by observing it without judgment, allowing its true nature to be revealed and our own existence validated” says Neil.

Audio from the premiere

Commissioned by The RidgeTones
Paul Bergquist, Director

premiered by The RidgeTones in a concert
at the Temple Theatre, Viroqua, WI  May 2007

I Praise

Excerpt from score:

Excerpt of score I Praise


I Praise text

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