Twenty Seven Birds

for piano digital acoustic, piano and a solo instrument.

The piece can be performed with piano  and a solo instrument with the digital acoustic soundscape.  The stereo wave file was crafted from the recordings of 27 birds that are found in the Driftless region of southern Wisconsin where my studio is located.

I am inspired by the sounds that birds make individually and in chorus. My work in digital acoustics involves processing the recordings of bird song in the field; transposing their playful frequencies to the ranges that we can experience and slowing down the complex cascade of pitches to reveal incredible motives and melodies. I then sculpt these processed sounds into phrases that are musical and invite counterpoint from the live instruments that we will be performing.   I have been inspired by presence of birds in the Driftless Region of the upper Midwest.  Indeed, we are in squarely in the center of the Mississippi Flyway, that is visited by so many birds in their flight path running north and south including the 27 birds that I have chosen for my soundscape.

The live performance will feature a sound system and stereo speakers placed behind the audience.

Here is a demo of the digital soundscape and piano:

Here is a list of the birds in the soundscape:

Bird Status
American Bittern Endangered
American Woodcock Decreasing
Bald Eagle Increasing
Blue Jay Stable
Bobolink Watch List
Broad Winged Hawk Increasing
Cardinal Stable
Chick O Dee Stable
Common Loon Decreasing
Eastern Meadow Lark Increasing
Flicker Stable
Hermit Thrush Stable
Hooded Merganser Increasing
Kirklands Warbler Endangered
Marsh Wren Increasing
Northern Spotted Owl Endangered
Piliated Woodpecker Watch List
Red Shouldered Hawk Increasing
Sand Hill Crane Endangered
Sedge Wren Increasing
Sora Stable
Swamp Sparrow Increasing
Veery Decreasing
Willow Flycatcher Decreasing
Wilson Snipe Decreasing
Yellow Rail Stable
Yellow Warbler Stable

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