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Voci dell'Ombra Two

Voci dell’Ombra (Voices from the shadow) is a current on going project that brings my love of the poetic settings of the 15th century madrigalist Carlos Gesualdo together with the imaginative world of sound recording and editing. I have selected madrigals from Gesualdo’s fifth and six book of madrigals that I am arranging  for voice and a solo instrument.  Each of the arrangements will feature a distinct vocalist and vocal style paired with a virtuoso soloist. Working from English translations by the English Literature scholar, Nick Ceramella, I am creating  a single melody from the rich, five parts of each the madrigals and building  imaginative sonic accompaniments  through recording and editing techniques that involve the multi-layered recording of the single instrument that I have paired with the solo voice. For example the first setting from Gesualdo’s fifth book, Itene, o miei sospiri (go my sighs) was composed for the pure vocals of folk singer/song writer Cora Rose and the gifted classical guitarist, Eduardo Minozzi Costa.  Here is the fruit of this first collaboration:

And here is a list of the future arrangements that I will undertake:

Book Five:

Gioite voi col canto
(Itene, o miei sospiri)
Occhi del mio cor vita
Languisce al fin
Correte, amanti, a prova
Tu m’uccidi, o crudele

Book Six

O tenebroso giorno
Se tu fuggi, io non resto
Chiaro risplender suole
Mille volte il di, moro
Io pur respiro

To view the original manuscripts:

Gesualdo Fifth Book

Gesualdo Six Book


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